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All you wanted to know about Perfecter

Q. What is the PERFECTER?
A. The PERFECTER is a round heated fusion brush that uses ceramic and ionic technology to give hair a professional salon quality look and feel.

Q. What is the size of the PERFECTER Barrel?
A. The diameter of the Barrel from end to end of the bristles is approx 2". The circumference of the Barrel around the bristles is approx 6".

Q. Is the PERFECTER safe to use on my child’s hair?
A. Yes, the PERFECTER is completely safe to use on a child’s hair.

Q. Will the PERFECTER burn my skin?
A. No, the PERFECTER will not burn your skin. Because of the bristles, the heated element will not make contact with the skin.

Q. What is ionic technology?
A. Ionic technology pulls moisture from the air into the brush and that moisture is infused into the hair leaving it feeling silky smooth.

Q. What is the brush part of the PERFECTER made of?
A. The bristles are made of top quality nylon material.

Q. How many heat settings does the PERFECTER have?
A. The PERFECTER has two heat settings; the lowest is 356 degrees, the highest is 392 degrees.

Q. Do I still need to use a flat iron if I have the PERFECTER?
A. No, the PERFECTER can be used as a flat iron, curling iron, and round brush, and won’t dry or damage your hair like a flat iron.

Q. I saw steam when I was using my PERFECTER. Does that mean something is wrong?
A. No, the PERFECTER will create steam if you have any styling products in your hair. Also, there might be steam when your PERFECTER is used for the first time. The steam is not damaging your hair.

Q. Do I use PERFECTER the same way I would a curling iron?
A. No, the PERFECTER should not be curled from the bottom all the way to the top of the scalp. This can cause the hair to tangle when you pull it out.

Q. How do I get curls with the PERFECTER?
A. Take a section of hair and wrap it around the PERFECTER from the top of the scalp then slowly pull down the PERFECTER while turning it to create perfect curls.

Q. Can the PERFECTER be used on any hair types?
A. Yes, the PERFECER is great for hair of any thickness or texture. It also works on colored hair.

Q. My hair is very dry. Will the PERFECTER help?
A. Yes, the PERFECTER will infuse moisture into the hair and is safe enough to use everyday.

Q. How long should I keep the PERFECTER in my hair to curl it?
A. The PERFECTER should be kept in for approximately five seconds per section of hair to produce perfect curls. You might need more or less time depending on the thickness of your hair.

Q. I tried the PERFECTER and it didn’t work for me.
A. You might not be leaving the PERFECTER in the hair long enough. Try going slower when using to see greater results.

Q. Why is the PERFECTER better than my normal curling iron?
A. The PERFECTER does not have harsh metal that will dry or damage your hair. Because of the ionic technology, the PERFECTER puts moisture back into your hair.

Q. Will the PERFECTER add more volume to my hair?
A. Yes, the PERFECTER is great for adding volume. Simply start from the roots, hold for five seconds and brush your hair back.

Q. How long does it take for the PERFECTER to heat up?
A. The PERFECTER will heat in less than one minute.

Q. Can I touch the PERFECTER brush when styling?
A. Yes, the PERFECTER is safe to touch when styling and is easily guided with your hand.

Q. Is the PERFECTER safe to use with hair extensions?
A. The PERFECTER is safe to use with extensions that are made using human hair.

Q. Will the PERFECTER work with short hair?
A. Yes, the PERFECTER works with short hair and is great for adding height and volume.

Q. How do I clean the PERFECTER brush?
A. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the PERFECTER brush.

Q. Will the PERFECTER work with curly hair?
A. Yes, the PERFECTER can straighten, relax and moisturize curly hair.

Q. I left my PERFECTER on and noticed it went off by itself.
A. The PERFECTER is built with an automatic shut off after one hour. Simply turn the PERFECTER back on to continue using.

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